I have been increasingly photographing events outside of weddings. The events I have photographed are very different:

These photos include: Series Fest 2018; KGNU Mardi Gras Party 2018; Dog Daze Photo Holiday Event 2017; Boulder Digital Arts Stock Shoot; Temple Grandin & Curt Pate – A Stockmanship Clinic on Humane Cattle Handling; Amgen Corporate Meeting; Family Holiday Party in Ohio; CodeCraft Graduation Party; CodeCraft School Class Shoot; Art at the Armory Steampunk Halloween Party; “Pretty Faces: Story of a Skiier Girl” Sold Out World Premiere at Boulder Theater; an 85th birthday party held in an event room in Ohio; and a 50th Birthday Party held in Denver.

I am open to photographing almost any event. Please contact me directly with any event needs that you might have and we will work out something within your budget. I am very adaptable and have the right equipment to get the job done expertly.