I’m a racing brat. If you don’t know what that means, I grew up at a race track. My father was a National SCCA champion in his famous and troublesome Triumph TR-4. I was on his pit crew from when I was able to walk.

When I got older I joined a historic racing team and toured around with the famous Gulf Porsche 917 in our trailer as well as working at a restoration shop, and as a detailer at a Toyota dealership for a summer.

Living in cities for years as I pursued my singing career got me totally out of the car groove until I moved to Colorado where I started driving again.

I am a huge fan of Formula One and especially of 7 time world champion Lewis Hamilton. The first year I went to a Formula One race (since my childhood) was in 2015 and I got to see Lewis Hamilton win his 3rd World Championship, in 2019 I got to see him win his 6th in Austin as well.

Please contact me if you would like a photo shoot of your car, the prices are very reasonable.