Bring a Stunning Moment on Earth into Your Home

Since digital cameras were introduced I have been using my photography degree and love of nature to take photographs that attempt to show the majesty and beauty of our earth. Both Blue River Redwoods, & Dragons Over the Canyon, won an award in the Nature category in the last two years of the International Color Awards.

I am lucky enough to work with one of the best aluminum printers in the country and would love to print my fine-art work on aluminum for you. The image is dye-infused into the aluminum, not pressed on (common method). The aluminum surface is smooth and has a white-gloss finish that reveals the photograph with a depth bordering on reality. It also has a wonderful durability not found in other photos. I have an aluminum right over my busy kitchen stove and we just wipe off the grease every few months.

All of these photographs are also available as prints, canvas and stand-alone art. Each format is produced from the vendor that I have found to be the best printer in that field of printing over my many years of doing this.

Send me a color, theme, location, and/or type of landscape with a high-quality photo of the room that you would like to put the image in, and I will send you a web page where you can place those photographs on the wall and see first-hand what they will look like in your room.

You can purchase wall-art of these photographs in highest-quality aluminum print or canvas prints by clicking the button below.